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A female photographer is taking a photo of  a cuple leaving the reception in front of gueast waving wands with ribbons

I started my adventure with photography in 2012 when I picked up a digital camera to take pictures of the surrounding world. At first that was just  a hobbyist's passion that soon developed into a real interest and desire to photograph people and their surroundings. I started my business caroline z photography a year later, while continuously learning and polishing the craft of photography. I came to a realization that photography truly is my passion and my path. I love being around people, make them laugh, but more so I love capturing emotions and creating their story. Every client is unique and every story needs to be approached differently. I proud myself for having the ability to bring the best in people and creating memories that are as unique as them.  I have photographed multiple weddings and other events; countless photography sessions that included family, engagement, bridal, high school seniors, maternity, babies and more. I also worked with businesses that needed photographs for their promotional materials, like head shots or day-to-day activities. I constantly develop my knowledge and explore new technics to better my craft.

Meet Caroline

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